On creationism, intelligent design and evolution

OK folks, Dr. science has had it up to here with the Holy Roller Crowd. Its simple: evolution is science. Creationism and intelligent design are religion. Or fantasy, depending on your outlook.

The church and its minions can spew all the misinformation that they want, and may be able to force through laws claiming that their fantasies are “science”, but it won’t make a bit of difference to the FACTS. Evolution is a FACT. If you choose to pretend it isn’t, that is your choice, but it won’t make you right (although it will make you look stupid to anyone with a basic education).

Oh yeah, and the Earth isn’t flat either. Just to clear that up….

Jeez people. Get a clue.

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4 Responses to “On creationism, intelligent design and evolution”

  1. Mrs. Chili Says:

    Here’s what I wonder – WHY do people make such a fuss about this?! We’re here; does it really MATTER that much how it happened (and if it does, does it matter enough to get all worked up over)?

  2. Dr. Science Says:

    I think mostly it has to do with the holy rollers being unwilling to accept anything that doesn’t match their particular fantasy. Remember, until a few years ago, these folks refused to admit that Galileo was right because god would NEVER create a universe where they (and therefore the earth) were the center.

    Because they are convinced that they are right, they insist that everyone else should think the way that they do – after all, if you’re not one of them, your Immortal Soul (TM) will go straight to Hell (where all the cool, fun people are). Of course, all the different sects of “them” are convinced that THEY have the right version, and all the other fundies are as wrong as the rest of us heathens…..

    From the Dr. Science point of view, it is a major issue because these bozos are forcing schools to teach kids that creationism is as valid as evolution (or more). On the whole, our schools fail miserably at teaching even basic science. Adding crap like creationism or intelligent design simply further degrades what passes for science education.

    Of course, good science education would teach the kids to actually think critically. This is something that terrifies the fundies because they know that their fantasies simply won’t stand up to rational scrutiny, and then they’d have to admit that they really aren’t any more special than anyone else…..

  3. Whattt? Says:

    I just would like to say that if you really have a Master’s degree you should know that evolution is a theory…….so is creationism…..so is intelligent design. No idea who taught you that any of them were a “FACT”………

    • sphyrnatude Says:

      Sorry pal, you’ve got it backwards. this is one of the standard arguments for the idiots that try and claim that creationism and evolution are scientifically equivalent. to help you out, here’s how it works:
      Evolution is supported by tons of scientific evidence. Scientific evidence includes things like experiments that show evolution happening (for example, if you take a decent university level hands-on genetics or evolution course, you’ll get to make evolution happen on a fruit fly colony). When there is sufficient scientific evidence, a theory is accepted as fact.

      While it IS true that among the scientific community it is recognized that nothing can be truly proven, this is academic posturing and playing with semantics. When a scientist says this, what he means is that if something comes along (something real, and with a solid repeatable, and demonstrable set of results), the fact will have to be re-evaluated, and potentially modified. This is why it takes such a large body of evidence for something to move into the realm of a fact.

      Lets apply this criteria to evolution: Tons of repeatable solid scientific data to support it: yes. Many years of research that has yet to come up with any contradictory data that would not support it: yep. ANY real data that contradicts it: nope. OK, so evolution passes.

      Now, lets look at creationism:
      Tons of repeatable solid scientific data to support it: Nope. All there really is to support creationism is a document that was written over a period of a couple of hundred years, usually driven by political expediency. And a bunch of people that seem to think that simply believing in something makes it real. Many years of research that has yet to come up with any contradictory data that would not support it: Nope. The only ‘data’ that supports creationism is that book again. And the unfounded belief of lots of people. ANY real data that contradicts it: Oh yeah, tons. Creationism fails.

      Basically, creationism falls into the same category as the flat earth theory, the “earth as center of the universe” theory, and the “divine right” theory of medieval times (one of the political re-writes of the bible resulted int eh king james version, specifically to justify this theory). All of them were accepted as true by the general public, all of them were denied by the church (some of them still are), and all of them turned out to be wrong.

      Believe what you want, but it has no effect on reality. If you REALLY believe in creationism, that is your privilege, but the same process that has made evolution a fact has made gravity a fact, demonstrated that the earth is not flat, and proved that the earth orbits the sun (not the other way around). Of course, the church fought all of these ideas, so by refusing to recognize reality, you are supporting a long tradition of denial. After almost 400 years, the church FINALLY accepted that Galileo was right (he’s the one that proved the earth orbits the sun), so in a few hundred years, we can count on the church finally accepting reality about evolution too.

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