Ask Dr. Science. He knows more than you do.

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Dr. Science 

Hey all. time for a great new Blog service. Yep. I’m going to put that 15 years of graduate school to work for you. Got a question about something in the sciences or technology? shoot me a question (submit a comment at : Ask Dr. Science), and I’ll apply all that great academic knowledge and ivory tower experience to answer your question. Remember. We’re trained professionals. Don’t try this at home. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Time to get another Timmy.

So whadaya waiting for? send me a question already!

–Dr. Science

5 Responses to “Ask Dr. Science. He knows more than you do.”

  1. You’ve got Questions…? « Blue Door Says:

    […] blogger friend, Sphyrnatude, has started a new feature that he’s calling “Ask Dr. Science” in which he offers to tackle all those tricky questions you’ve always wanted the […]

  2. meno Says:

    I use the permanent press setting on my iron, but i still have to keep ironing the same things. What am i doing wrong?

  3. Organic Mama Says:

    Would a person IMPLODE or EXPLODE if suddenly transported into the vast emptiness of space? Every time someone tells me the answer, it evaporates from my mind…

  4. sphyrnatude Says:

    Organic Mama: for the answer to your space question, see:

  5. sphyrnatude Says:

    Meno, please see:

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